I can’t say the word mug without thinking about The Sweeney, it’s just not possible. Now I’ve mentioned it I hope you have the voice of John Thaw or Dennis Waterman saying ‘shut it!’ in your head. If you heard it in the voice of Ray Winstone, I feel sorry for you.

Anyway, breaking gear news: the nameless plastic mug that has been by my side (lips?) for the last ten years has finally fallen by the wayside. No shame to it after it was grabbed at random as a temporary solution and then kinda stuck. In it’s place is this cheery chappy from GSI and it’s rather excellent.

The official name is the ‘Infinity Backpacker Mug‘. I’m not entirely sure what’s infinite about it but there you go, I expect the creative team struggled to come up with ways to make a coffee cup sound exciting.  There’s insulation to help retain some heat while I mess about with camera and tripod and it’s super light, packable and easy to disassemble and clean. Love it.

If there’s one thing that you need to get right when you’re in the mountains, it’s cuppas.





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