Summer is here and it’s sunny and warm outside, what better time to talk about insulation? It’s typical that you’ll not be looking to buy this stuff right now, but having been in use over the colder months, it’s fresh in my mind and so I’m gonna talk about it anyway.

Here we have the Vajra jacket and Pant from Sherpa Adventure Gear.

The Jacket contains a wedge of 60gsm of Primaloft ONE held together with a ripstop polyester fabric. There are two handwarmer pockets, along with a chest pocket which is dead handy for keeping your phone or sundry electronic things warm.  The cuffs are elasticated to keep the draughts out, and the hemline has a cinch cord for the same reason. My large is 370g.

The Pant also has the 60gsm insulation, along with full-length side zips with velcro over-tabs and elasticated cuffs. My larges weigh 450g.

When it comes to real-world use, it’s all about the conditions.  As a pair, these work very well in Spring and Autumn conditions for high camps. In winter, I pair the pants with a more insulated jacket. Leg insulation is criminally overlooked  in my opinion, it’s critical to sort your legs out if you want to keep warm. Try wearing a down jacket and flimsy trousers on a high camp and you’ll see, it’s not all about the core.

The weapon of choice for the deep winter is a pair of down insulated pants, but what about those people who don’t camp in winter or don’t have bottomless pockets or camp in damp climates? Well this is where the Vajra pant comes in. It’s a lightweight warm option at at a reasonable price point for the more casual user or less mid-wintery camper.

Downsides are pretty minimal. There’s no hood on the jacket, which will be good news for some and bad for others.

As mentioned before, Sherpa’s quality of finish is excellent and the attention to detail is impressive. If you’re in the market for some 3-season insulation, you’d be wise to pop these on your list.

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June 25, 2013
Sorry to be pedantic its not 60g of primaloft one - it's 60g per square metre. I imagine the jacket must be about 400g. They do look great, though.
June 26, 2013
Not pedantic, accurate, which is something I generally aim to be. Thanks for taking the time to point out my schoolboy error. I've amended it and added in some weights too. I've been a bit slap-dash here of late, mainly due to my day job being a bit mental at the moment and I've not been paying as much attention as I should. Normal service should be resumed sometime around september!

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