If you were paying attention to my notes from the ROK show at Ratho in January, you’ll remember Pfanner. You do? Excellent. These are Pfanner Wool Felt gloves.


The name is a big clue to the construction, it’s felted wool innit? Not technical by modern standards, but Dachsteins were popular for decades for a reason. My initial feeling of these being a cross between Dachsteins and LA Turbine mitts turned out to be true. A veritable gift for mountain photographers with fiddly knobs to play with.

They are effectively fingerless gloves with a fold-back mitt overlay. There’s a grippy pad on the palm and thumb to help hold onto things and there’s a popper on the back to keep the mitt part held back in place. That’s it. Simple but effective.


So do they work? As you would expect they aren’t waterproof, but are still very warm when wet. I wouldn’t bother wearing them if it’s raining though, cos you’d be too hot anyway. They aren’t entirely windproof either, but definitely way better than bog standard fleece.

Where they excel is when the snow arrives. Your hands stay snug but you can still fiddle with camera gear and also in my case fitting that tiny little zip pull that I keep promising to replace but never remember and always end up cursing at. I’ve no idea what they weigh, but it’s insignificant enough that they pretty much live in my pack.

The best bit is that they are 20 quid a pair, so I’m officially adding them to the list of gloves that don’t cost you an arm and a leg.

Mighty handy for cold walks with a SLR. Recommended.

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