Much as we’d like to, we can’t all make a living romping about on mountains. Some of us have day jobs, and many of those involve commuting. For that reason, here’s a bit of kit that’s not really the sort of thing I normally review, this is the Osprey Momentum 30.

Osprey Momentum

I spend two hours a day commuting, so having the right kit helps to make that more bearable.

My needs are simple, I need to carry a laptop (two on occasion) my gym gear, my lunch, sundry electronic bits and bobs, and it needs to be comfy to carry. I’ve had a few packs for this purpose in the past, but they all had failings, the Swissgear effort had a pocket that filled up when it rained and the back system was poor. The Osprey Axis 18 was good, but too small for all my gubbins.

The Momentum is roomy, so there’s plenty space for my stuff on the days when I have loads to carry, but the side compression works well to reduce the volume when I only have a couple of things in there. The laptop sleeve is well padded and will take a 17″ model. The hydration sleeve doubles up as a carry space for a second laptop.


Pockets abound, so you can organise your stuff easily, the low pockets on either side can be accessed while wearing the pack with a little bit of dexterity which is handy and there’s also a little pocket on the harness for your mobile so you can get to it without taking your pack off. The stretchy pocket on the back is handy for wet waterproofs or umbrellas.

The backsystem and harness are comfortable and there’s an integrated raincover for the rainier days, although the pack keeps the worst off and I’ve not had any leaks on the days when I’ve not bothered with the cover. There is a simple webbing waistbelt to help with stability if you’re cycling.¬†Also of note for cyclists is the helmet attachment up top.


So far it’s the best commuting pack I’ve used. Spacious when it needs to be, not flappy when it doesn’t. It’ll carry a relatively heavy load in comfort and keeps your kit dry and well organised.

Not the sort of kit you normally see on here, but we can’t be super-technical mountain goats all the time can we?


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