Another Montura piece, this time it’s the Guide G shell. These days, I tend to leave the shell in my bag until the last minute. This is a habit I developed due to my investment in Paclite, which is somewhat similar to wearing a crisp packet in terms of breathability.

The Guide G is a light but technical jacket, made with Proshell, which should be fairly robust.  Zips are abundant, there are two chest pockets, two arm pockets, pit zips and a big one up the front, to use the technical term.

The hood is roomy; I doubt I’d get a helmet in it but that’s only for going climbing so most of the time it wouldn’t be an issue. The peak isn’t stiffened but features a gutter arrangement to encourage the water hitting your head to run down onto your body instead of your face.

Performance-wise I was happy, it offered great protection from the elements and suffered no condensation, which immediately puts it streets ahead of my paclite steamsuit.  The real test of a shell is a traditional Scottish summer’s day, with it coming down like stair-rods from dawn to dusk. I didn’t have the chance to try it in these conditions, but for a winter shell, it did the job very nicely. Bear in mind I only wore one for a weekend, so a longer test would be required to really comment on it’s longevity.

 Photo courtesy of John Owens of Ardblair Sports


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