Time for the gear diary to cover something other than what I’ve been using. Kirsty’s been using a fair bit of kit during her training and now she’s fully qualified as a Pilates teacher, I thought it was time to pick out a few things that can work as both fitness gear and outdoor gear.

First is the Sherpa Namche Hoodie. It’s a microfleece half zip hoodie, made with Polartec classic micro. As micros go, it’s well specced, the fit is slim and it’s cut actually for women, rather than just a small blokes version. Seams are flatlocked and offset, the zipper has a garage and the hood is a snug fit so will go under a helmet nicely.  It breathes well, dries fast and looks pretty good too.

Sherpa Namche hoodieSherpa Namche hoodieSherpa Namche hoodieSherpa Namche hoodieSherpa Namche hoodieSherpa Namche hoodieSherpa Namche hoodie

It’s survived countless wash cycles and is still not pilling, even on the shoulders. Well made and well priced kit with good longevity.

Also from Sherpa is the Asha Tee, which at first glance looks like a simple T-shirt, but it’s made with Tencel/polyester mix to help with moisture management (although I’m told that women don’t sweat, they ‘glow’) and comfort. It’s an a-line cut and the fit is relaxed. Surprisingly technical for something that looks so casual.

I’m told it’s perfect for layering on top of icebreaker tank I mentioned recently, it dries fast and it’s held it’s shape

Sherpa Asha TeeSherpa Asha TeeSherpa Asha TeeSherpa Asha Tee

I keep getting told there’s not enough kit coverage for outdoors women’s kit. If you agree with that, let me know, I have a plan to resolve that and maybe you can help….

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