I reviewed the Keb trousers a while back and if you recall I was very happy with them. Here we have the Fjällräven Abisko trousers, which are a lighter weight option in a similar style.


Like the Kebs, they are fairly simple looking trousers at first glance, no flashy colouring or fancy features stand out. If you take a closer look however, there’s plenty going on.



The material is G1000 polycotton, with softshell nylon panels mixed in all the right places. You get protection up front and in the seat, but the stretch and movement of softshell at the rear of the leg and the gusset. This makes for comfortable trousers. The leg length is an interesting point. Being 6’4″ I rarely get trousers long enough for my 35″ legs, but the Abisko comes with a raw leg length and a wee sewing kit so you can adjust to suit. I’ve seen some magazine reviews scoff at this saying that you should get finished trousers for your money, but in my view it’s genius. You get custom fit for minimum faff. We long-legged people shall be eternally grateful. The rest of the cut is excellent, the knees are articulated nicely and the waist sits high at the back for protection.


In another area of self-help, you can improve the weather resistance by waxing the G1000 bits with some Greenland Wax. That’s another bone of contention for the lazy, but it’s quite relaxing to do and it really does work. The pockets are good to; there’s none on the back for you to sit down on which is a plus, and the front pockets have sturdy zips and are spacious. There’s a large leg pocket on the left and a smaller one on the right. The larger one has a wee mesh inner pocket for your phone or GPS. The wee one does well for bits and bobs and is gusseted so can fit a fair bit of gear in.

Performance on the hill is great, they’re comfy and weather resistant. If you’ve waxed them, the water just beads and runs off. I did do a test where I didn’t wax them for a good while and eventually the G1000 started to get more absorbent, but all that did was extend the drying time a bit. I’ve worn them out in the snow with some long johns on underneath and they’ve been perfectly good, so you have a lighter weight all-year-round option here.

Lots of the hillwalking community shy away from ostentatious and brightly coloured gear. As you may know, I’m not one of those people, but I’ve learned that sometimes quality doesn’t need to shout, it can whisper and you still need to pay attention. Don’t skip past the plain black trousers on the rail, there might just be a great pair of technical trousers hiding in there.

The Arctic Fox does it again. Highly recommended.


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May 13, 2015
Hi, thanks for the review, just wondering if you could tell how these fit compared to the Keb trousers. I tried on several FR trousers but they are a bit 'funny' in the crotch zone, like flat. Ken trousers fitted me perfect, maybe because they made them more straight since the elastic part gives a bit..?
May 18, 2015
The fit on the Abisko is identical to the Keb, only they carry differently due to the material weight. I haven't experienced funny crotch. There's a line I never thought I'd type.
mizzuz moto
November 5, 2015
Hi, what is the brand of chest pack you are wearing?
November 7, 2015
It's a Raidlight Equilibre. I reviewed it a while back: http://scottishmountaineer.com/raidlight-equilibre-front-pack/
mizzuz moto
November 7, 2015
Thanks so very much - exactly what I was looking for! Great blog site!
[…] specs are simple enough, it’s (previously mentioned here and here) G-1000 outer fabric which is a polycotton mix. I know, I just said cotton, but […]
July 1, 2016
A reassuring review, Michael. Fjallraven is my go-to gear for both walking / trekking and wild camping / bushcrafting. I was looking for a pair of Fjallravens for my walking expedition across the Pyrenees next year and was umming and arring over these or the Karl trousers. After reading your great review I'll be ordering a pair of these today - in dark grey too! All the best, Dan (a fellow wayfarer from Devon)
July 10, 2016
Hi, I'm undecided, fit of these or the waterproofness of the Barents, can't quite get the balance of fit as I'm big thighed or durability etc, need more cash basically.!! :-) Any idea if the stretch will cope with rain or can be waxed..? I love the Barents but like I say, 36 too tight, 38 too big on legs, I think anyway. Thanks, Steve.
August 2, 2016
Hi Steve, the material does resist rain a bit and dries fast, I've never tried waxing that bit! Fit is important, so you are wise to choose carefully.
August 2, 2016
Thanks for the feedback Dan, much appreciated.
October 28, 2018
Hello, I am looking for a nice pair of walking trousers as a gift for my husband. He used to be a tennis player and has large thighs, so finding good trousers is a nightmare. How are the Abiso trousers at the leg, please? Thanks!
November 5, 2018
hello! Unless he's Chris Hoy, he should be fine. They are a relaxed cut and have plenty room around the thigh and the stretch panels allow for even more if needed.

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