I picked this up off ebay after I saw it being praised highly on some of the outdoor forums. A 300 lumen headtorch for a fiver? Sounded too good to be true. Ok it’s a generic build with a stock LED, but it’s got to be worth trying, right?


The first thing I noticed was the rake adjustment. It was limited to five notches, two of which pointed to the sky, the middle one pointed low and the last two highlighted my nose and toes. The middle notch was just a little annoying smidgen off the right height, so I found I was getting a sore neck holding the beam in position. This proved not to be a long term problem because after two days use the wee spring that holds the rake assembly in place broke. No points for build quality.  I bodged it in place and carried on.

The beam is zoomable, which turned out to be a choice between a superbright tiny square like a postage stamp, up to a diffuse square with some surrounding light that covered a fair bit of ground. Range was good, but the light quality was very uneven, so yet more headbobbing required. There appears to be no regulation so battery life was short and there seems to be no rain resistance at all, so not much use around these parts.

Then the clincher, real hill performance. I stomped up to the top of Ben Narnain in the gloaming, pulled out the torch and bam! Nothing happened. It was dead. I pulled out my Petzl and chucked this into the depths of my rucksack. Further investigation revealed some rather shoddy soldering in the battery department had fallen apart. I’ve since fixed it and it’s used by me to go out and shut the hens in at night.

So in summary, poor adjustment, poor light quality, shocking build quality, but hey, it’s bright.  Utter dreck. Avoid like the plague.

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